Freedom & Democracy

A Legal and Political Order Based on Freedom and Democracy

A democratic and free nation should reject any form of violence and autocracy and establish itself on a legal and political basis that respects the free will of the majority and the principle of self-determination. It should protect basic human rights, popular sovereignty, division of power, rule of law, judicial independence, equal status for all political parties, and should have a responsible administrative system.

For this reason, we propose that the government should:

- Maintain human dignity and basic human rights,

- Ensure the principle of sovereignty of the people,

- Set up a sound system for division of power and for checks and balances,

- Strengthen the implementation of party policies,

- Affirm the value of freedom of assembly and recognize the importance of popular political and social movements,

- Protect freedom of the press,

- Ensure that the goal of the rule of law is to pursue and fulfill justice,

- Establish a neutral and responsible administrative system,

- Supervise the nation’s emergency powers.