2004 Resolution on Ethnic Diversity and National Unity

The 2004 Presidential Election brought a complete end to a century of
colonialism and a system of state and party that oppressed local Taiwanese
culture and civil rights. A model nation where the people collectively make
decisions is finally been completed. Under full support from the people of
Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party was able to complete the process
of democratization, therefore, also creating a cultural awakening for ethnic

Since its establishment, the DPP has persisted that Taiwan remain the

main focus, resisting against cultural hegemony from a minority and reestablishing
the integrity, subsistence and space for development of ethnic
cultures. The DPP as ruling party paid even more attention to group demands
from each ethnic group. In the tasks of bringing into practice native culture
with mother tongue education, in re-establishing aboriginal identity and
promoting the dignity of Hakka culture, in all these tasks, the DPP takes the
leading position as the innovator among all the other political parties. In
addition, the DPP deeply recognized that without diversity, local policies
would be hard to implement.
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