Chairperson Ing-wen Tsai seeks small donations

DPP leadership that included Chairperson Ing-wen Tsai, Secretary-General Wang Tuoh, Deputy Secretary-General Chen Chi-mai, and Director of Culture and Information Cheng Wen-tsang held a joint press conference today to address the fundraising and donation efforts of the DPP. With the theme of “Empowering Democracy,” Chairperson Tsai personally announced DPP’s account information in hopes that the public will donate small amounts to encourage and help the DPP get back on its feet. Tsai also emphasized that the DPP will continue to vibrantly play its part to improve democracy in Taiwan.

Chairperson Tsai stated that the DPP is currently facing financial difficulties, so the party as a whole has decided to seek a different approach to seek financial income and hope that small public donations will come together to make a difference. A classic picture of founding Chairman Chiang Peng-chien still hangs at DPP headquarters, Tsai pointed out, to remind us that DPP forerunners formed the party by collecting small monetary contributions.

The Chairperson expresses hope that the future source of income for the party can come with affirmation and approval from all aspects of society. Aside from smaller monetary contributions, DPP has also started to hold fundraisers all over Taiwan in hopes of reaching the public through more contact with the people. Also, the 2008 budget have already decreased by an estimated 26%, and the DPP will continue to reform and remedy any financial shortcomings.

Secretary-General Wang Tuoh stated that DPP has overcome difficulties such as Martial Law to achieve Legislative Yuan reforms and direct presidential elections by acting as a progressive force in society. With the KMT controlling both the presidency and Legislative Yuan now, there is a strong need for the DPP to keep strict scrutiny to prevent the KMT from dominating politics in Taiwan. The DPP hopes that the Taiwanese people will give financial aid to the struggling party and allow the DPP to regain momentum and strength.