Proceedings from the 13th National Party Congress

At the National Party Congress on July 20th, Secretary General Wang Tuoh expressed that after two devastating defeats in the legislative and presidential elections, the DPP has engaged in true self-reflection. The resolutions passed today will change the organizational and management structure of the Party, as well as the nomination procedures for future elections. Wang emphasized that Chairwoman Tsai had carefully reviewed each proposal and was able to gain a consensus among all the members after some discussion.

Changes to the DPP Constitution included:

1. In order to expand the decision-making abilities beyond the members of the Central Executive Committee and the Central Standing Committee, Article 15 was modified to make incumbent city mayors and county magistrates automatic members of both committees.

2. In order to respond to the one-district voting procedure, Article 9 was modified to allow DPP Headquarters to establish local party chapters and offices to coincide with the legislative districts. Current offices should cease operation by June 22, 2010, with new offices corresponding to current legislative districts.

3. Article 13, Section 1, Item 7 was modified to allow special municipal city and county councilors to become members of the National Party Congress. As of October 1, 2007, Taipei County was upgraded into a special municipal county, hence Taipei county councilors will become part of the National Party Congress. These changes will take effect after approval at the next Congress.

4. Article 29, Section 1 was modified to allow investigations and punishments for Party members who engage in corrupt practices.

Changes to internal Party regulations included:

1. To accompany the modification to Article 29, Section 1 of the Constitution, the responsibilities of the corruption committee will be adjusted to include defining corrupt practices, investigating corruption cases and handing punishments to members involved.

2. A bill was passed to allow new or current party members who pay NT$10,000 in registration fees to become lifetime members.

3. An agreement was reached to allow the Central Executive Committee to determine the nominating procedures for the 2009 elections for city mayors, county magistrates and legislators.

4. A modification was made to the nominating procedures for candidates for the 2009 elections for city and county council representatives and township mayors. Any changes to the number of nominees must be approved by 1/2 of the members of the Central Executive Committee.