Ma's cross-strait policy is a dangerous threat for Taiwan's sovereignty

Director of the Department of Culture and Information Cheng Wen-tsang today (September 4, 2008) criticized President Ma's cross-strait policy as disappointing and disturbing. Cheng was responding to President Ma's recent statement that the relationship between Taiwan and China is one not between two states, but a special relationship. Ma's policy was further clarified by Presidential Spokesperson Wang Yu-chi as a relationship between two regions. Cheng characterized Ma's policy as baffling, and questioned how a popularly elected president could deliberately degrade his own nation's status. Cheng declared that this was an unacceptable and irresponsible statement, and that the Presidential Office should apologize to the people of Taiwan for misspeaking on the issue of our country's sovereignty.

Director Cheng blamed Ma of conducting cross-strait and foreign policies that were both disturbing and dangerous. Cheng reminded Ma that
Taiwan's sovereignty, regardless of the nation's title as either the Republic of China or Taiwan, is guaranteed by the Constitution. As the 2005 Amendment to the Constitution stipulates, a public referendum is required to change the sovereignty or territory of Taiwan. Although some have criticized this as an effort to 'Taiwanize' the Republic of China, one cannot deny our nation's sovereign status.

Director Cheng also pointed out that President Ma views cross-strait relations as a region-to-region relationship, thus subjugating the self-degradation of our nation's status into a local region. However, the People's Republic of China will never self-degrade their national status into that of a local region. Ma's remarks thus unilaterally degrade Taiwan's status, as Beijing will never agree with his cross-strait perspective. Ultimately this will lead to the erosion of Taiwan's sovereignty, as it will be relegated to the status Hong Kong or Macao currently possesses. China will be seen as the country, while Taiwan will be seen as a local area.

Director Cheng emphasized that the statement made by the Presidential Office breaks the framework of our current constitution. Furthermore, it is self-degrading, as it treats our nation's sovereignty as ambiguous. This type of statement has caused more serious damage than the 'diplomatic truce' that Ma's administration recently adopted. Thus President Ma and Presidential Office must apologize to the people of Taiwan.