The DPP plans to hold a Safeguard Taiwan Demonstration on October 25 to protest Chen Yunlin

Responding to the news of Chen Yunlin’s expected visit to Taiwan at the end of this month, Cheng Wen-tsang, Director of the DPP Department of Culture and Information, stated that although the exact date of Chen’s visit remains undecided, the DPP believes the voice and will of the Taiwanese people still need to be clearly expressed. Thus, the DPP will hold a “Safeguard Taiwan" demonstration on October 25th. The three objectives of the demonstration will be: 1. Say “No” to the “One China Market”, 2. Say “No” to downgrading Taiwan’s sovereignty, and 3. Say “No” to incompetent government. A “Safeguard Taiwan Rally” will then be held upon the conclusion of Chen’s stay in Taiwan.

Director Cheng announced that the DPP will invite supporters throughout the country to participate in the demonstration, and join efforts with the civil society to examine issues concerning Taiwanese sovereignty and cross-strait relations, such as the Chinese contaminated-milk scandal, the recognition of Chinese academic degrees by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, and the signing of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA). The DPP will also encourage participants to utilize their creativity to ensure that the Taiwanese people’s opinions are more clearly expressed.

DPP Chairperson Ing-wen Tsai stressed that the main target of the demonstration, aside from revealing to Chen Yun-lin the true sentiment of the Taiwanese people, will be directed at the Ma administration. According to Chairperson Tsai, the government has a responsibility to protect the sovereignty as well as improve the people’s quality of life. The government must listen to the needs and aspirations of the people.

Finally, in response to the question raised by the media regarding former president Chen Shui-bian’s expected participation in the demonstration, Chairperson Tsai declared that the objectives of “Safeguard Taiwan” demonstration are clear and will still focus on sovereignty, economic and social issues. Regardless of the party line, whoever cares about Taiwan and places Taiwan’s common interests before his own are welcome to join the event.