DPP's statement concerning the Zhang Mingqing incident

First, the DPP stresses that everyone should remain calm in order to avoid an escalation in confrontation and wait for all the facts of the incident to be fully investigated.

Second, the DPP believes that Mr. Zhang Mingqing’s background as a former official of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, meant that he has a sufficient understanding on the sentiments of the Taiwanese people, thus he also has the obligation to avoid creating conflicts through inflammatory comments. During Zhang Mingqing’s visit in Taiwan, he openly declared that “There will be no war if there is no Taiwan independence.” This is a very provocative statement that the people of Taiwan cannot accept.

Third, the Ma administration should take the bulk of the responsibility for Mr. Zhang Mingqing’s personal safety during his time in Taiwan. During this conflict, Mr. Zhang Mingqing did not have the sufficient amount of police units to maintain order, and the police were not prepared for his protection.

Fourth, the DPP opposes to any physical confrontation that violates the personal safety of an individual. The DPP believes that people have the inherent right to publicly express their political views in non-violent ways. This principle also applies to the impending visit to Taiwan by Chen Yunlin.

Fifth, the DPP appeals to the KMT to not view the incident as an opportunity for political manipulation, and an occasion to smear the DPP.