Chairperson Tsai: adhere to principles of peace, rational and non-violent. “Yellow Ribbon Siege” ended at 5:30pm

DPP Chairperson Ing-wen Tsai announced this evening (Nov 6th) that “Yellow Ribbon Siege” held by DPP was ended at 5:30pm. Masses mobilized by the DPP have been all dismissed. Regarding to sporadic clashes took place today, location where the clashes took place was not in the route which DPP planned; and neither those who involved are familiar faces in DPP’s rallies. Thus, the DPP urges law enforcement agency to conduct investigation on those incidents as soon as possible.

Tsai expressed DPP’s deep regret for those people and police who injured in the clashes. She stressed once again that the DPP-held rally does not include the activities taken place at the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei Hotel last night. She believed that President Ma Yingjiu may have been given wrong information when he has tried to link the two incidents this morning. She also stated that physical confrontations in the mass movements are sometimes inevitable and it all depends on the attitude of the police law enforcement. She warned that if the Ma administration insists to take the most stringent standards when interpreting the law and accuses the legal rally as “violence”, “Taiwan will become a police state”.

Tsai stressed that when it is a legal march, the government has the responsibility to do its utmost to maintain the safety of the masses in the procession. Today, it is irresponsible of the government to pass this responsibility to the organization holding the march.

Tsai said that the DPP had employed three lawyers to monitor the entire march and they basically did not think there was any violation of the law. She emphasized that her feeling toward today's march is sad, not satisfied. There are so many people taking to the streets for what President Ma has done. But in response to people’s anger, government, in stead, instructed to block the Northward high-speed train in order to prevent people from the South to enter Taipei city. Moreover President Ma extemporaneously rescheduled his meeting. It is difficult for us to rule out the possibility that he had certain intention, which led to today's clashes.

Again, Tsai stressed that “Yellow Ribbon Siege” had ended at 5:30pm today (6th). Those who decide to protest at the Grand Hotel are fully self-motivated. The DPP does not involve in any mobilization. The DPP hopes that the people's spontaneous protests could end peacefully and rationally.