DPP: Police discriminates between pan-blue against pan-green supporter, Siege Plan-Yellow Ribbon Action to carry through

The DPP will begin it overnight vigil tonight (November 3rd) in front of the Legislative Yuan at 6:33 pm symbolizing the failure of Ma Ying-jeou to deliver his campaign pledge of 6-3-3. The participants of the demonstration will all tie a yellow ribbon with the words “Taiwan is my country” to peacefully express Taiwanese people’s sentiments while symbolically surrounding Chen Yunlin.

Regarding the Taipei City Police Station’s rejection of the DPP’s application to demonstrate peacefully on November 6th, Director of Culture and Information Cheng Wen-tsang said that the DPP will continue to carry through with the proposed demonstration, and will re-apply for the permit. It is a disgrace to Taiwan’s democracy that the Ma administration is regulating, preventing, and prohibiting the people of Taiwan to assemble and express their sentiments during Chen Yunlin's visit. The DPP believes that this will only further enrage the Taiwanese people, and further consolidate and mobilize the people into action. It is unfortunate that the police have continued to approve KMT-affiliated groups’ request to assemble while denying the right to demonstrate by pan-green groups. The DPP strongly condemns the partiality of the police, and promised that the DPP will carry through with the “Yellow Ribbon Action” plan.