An open letter: Why Chen Yunlin is not welcomed here

The KMT had exploited all its resources and communication channels to promote Chen Yunlin’s trip to Taiwan. Suddenly, it seems that voices of dissent no longer exists in Taiwan, while the KMT demands the illusion that all the people of Taiwan have high expectations for the impending SEF-ARATS talks. This is however, not the truth. Taiwan is currently facing a critical moment. With the ruling administration critically restricting and purging any internal voices of opposition, appeasing China while ignoring the sentiments of the people, it is vital for the DPP, as the main opposition party, to step up, and clearly affirm our serious objection. We are against Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan at this specific time because of the following four main points:

1) While we have never opposed negotiations on technical and practical matters between Taiwan and China, we believe that with the current political environment the negotiation should take place in a third country, so that Taiwan will not have to pay the heavy social costs brought upon by opposing views. It is unfortunate that the KMT was determined to set the meeting here in Taiwan in order to save their ailing approval rate by creating an illusion of a ‘peaceful resolution’ between Taiwan and China.

2) While Taiwan-China relations appeared to be warming up, the people of Taiwan are becoming bankrupt. There have been very limited benefits with the focus of all of our economic attention and resources on China. However the risks are high. After the current talks in Taipei, Taiwan will have taken an even bigger step towards the One-China market. In the near future, will Taiwan have any other option other than choosing the path of ‘unification’?

3) We strongly demand that President Ma insist Chen Yunlin referred to him as President. Additionally, he needs to clearly reiterate his campaign pledge to Chen Yunlin in person that “the future of Taiwan must be decided by the 23 million people of Taiwan.”

4) China is deliberately creating division within Taiwan. This is clearly demonstrated by the carefully selected itinerary during Chen Yunlin’s visit. Taiwan’s largest opposition party, the DPP was deliberately sidelined and ignored. There is no other political party in the world that would align itself with a hostile foreign party in order to damage its internal political competition. Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan is not an internal matter between the KMT and the Chinese Communist Party. It is a matter of public concern for all the people of Taiwan. The DPP thus strongly demands the immediate abolishment of the party-to-party KMT-CPP Platform, and insists that all cross-strait negotiations must be institutionalized and held accountable to public scrutiny, and monitored by the Legislative Yuan.

My fellow Taiwanese, starting from November 3rd, let us ensure that Taipei truly becomes the essence of ‘Taiwan.’ We must take on the responsibility to defend our own dignity and sovereignty that our government has chosen to forgo. This is the only path, and our shared responsibility. We need to adopt a peaceful, rational, determined, and a non-violent manner to defend our way of life, and everything we possess. My fellow DPP members: regardless of the situation, we cannot allow any violence to take place. Democracy is the DPP’s only weapon, and peace is the DPP’s only method. This is my sole request and order.