The DPP public survey on employment and the economy

Public Survey: Employed/unemployed and the economy

June 23, 2009

The DPP Survey Center

Date: June 15th-16th, 2009

Number of completion:(15 years old +1174

Sampling Error95% Confidence levelsampling error about ±2.9﹪

Survey ParticipantsRespondents 15 years old +

SelectionMachine selected phone numbers ending by twos

Weighted byGender, age, district

*Gender, age and district information are provided by the Ministry of the Interior’s January 2009 population census


1. Our survey indicated that the June unemployment rate is 11.54%, i.e. 1.46 million people are currently unemployed.

2. Those stuck in long-term unemployment (those seeking jobs for over a year or have been unemployed for that period of time) make up over half of those unemployed. As the overall unemployment time extends in duration and moves towards long-term unemployment, short-term unemployment has become a long-term problem in society.

3. District-wise, central Taiwan has the highest unemployment rate within the island (12.99%).

4. Unemployment among white-collar workers has slowed, but unemployment among blue-collar workers has worsen.

The economy

1. 44% of the respondents believe that the current unemployment situation has worsened compared to the end of last year, 35% believe it has improved and 12% said there is no difference.

2. 4% of the respondents felt that the government’s last minute efforts to slow unemployment and to save the economy were “very effective, whereas 48% felt they were “slightly effective”, 18% believed they were “not very effective” and 22% believed they were “completely ineffective”.

3. 63% of the respondents felt that the government’s current economic policies are very short-sighted, whereas 23% believe they have long-term benefits.