DPP Statement on the Assassination of Taiwanese Businessmen in Dongguan

DPP Statement on the Assassination of Taiwanese Businessmen in Dongguan

June 17, 2009

With respect to the Dongguan incident, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Department of International Affairs stated: Whilst three cross-strait talks have produced nine agreements and a joint statement, the protection of the rights to personal safety and investment interest of Taiwanese businessmen have never been on the cross-strait negotiation agenda.

Since the Labor Contract Law was implemented in China last year, the export trading industry managed by Taiwanese businessmen has suffered, and with the impacts of the global recession, the investment environment for Taiwanese businessmen continues to worsen, particularly in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. However, it has never occurred to the Ma administration to raise this issue in any one of the cross-strait talks to show his support by utilizing government power to protect the rights of these Taiwanese businessmen. This shows the disregard of duty and incompetence of the current government.

The murder of Taiwanese businessmen in Dongguan places the spotlight on our current businessmen in China, whether it is a question of protecting their investment of personal safety. This incident also shows how the Ma administration is only concerned about opening to China for the sake of opening and only publicizing its economic benefits whilst turning a blind eye on the harmful effects this has on business investments and people. According to our investigation, China currently holds more than 500 Taiwanese businessmen in prison, with 400 more missing or dead. The relative backwardness of China’s judiciary means that sometimes relatives or we are not certain of the whereabouts of these businessmen. For Taiwanese businessmen operating in China whom encounter difficulties or business disputes, there is nowhere to turn to for assistance.

Therefore, we strongly urge that Ma government to be cognizant of the problems faced by Taiwanese businessmen in China and start to take a proactive role in negotiating with the Chinese government to fulfill its responsibility in protecting the safety and property of Taiwanese people. In future Chiang-Chen meetings, discussion priorities should also include issues related to the protection of personal safety, property, and investment interests to improve an put in practice the complete protection of rights of Taiwanese businessmen.