DPP established legal consultation team to review prosecutors' misconducts

DPP established legal consultation team to review prosecutors' misconducts

Regarding the anti-corruption report released by the Ministry of Justice, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) acting spokesperson Chao Tien-lin (趙天麟) today (9th) pointed out that the report clearly showed partiality in the way judiciary handled KMT and DPP cases. Thus, the DPP has decided to establish a legal consultant team in response to these unfair practices of the judiciary. Yunlin District Prosecutor's Office will be the first target to be reviewed on possible misconducts. .

Chao pointed out that out of the 30 or so cases involving DPP officials, the conviction rate was zero. On the other hand, while there are fewer cases involving KMT officials, the conviction rate was higher. Prosecutors' abuse of power in the prosecution, searching, detention process have seriously damaged the reputation of the former DPP officials, political leaders and current DPP public officials. This is very unjust.

Chao said that the DPP Central Executive Committee yesterday decided to establish a legal consultation team to investigate the judiciary’s selective prosecution of the DPP and KMT and take the necessary actions to respond. If abuse of power was found, the team will first publicize the prosecutor’s name and background information. Secondly, the team will file a legal case on the the evidences. Finally, the team will bring these cases to the Control Yuan for correction or impeachment.

Chao said that the team will first look into Yunlin District Prosecutor's Office. The office has showed serious bias when handling the “DPP’s case” and the “KMT’s case”. For example, the prosecutors had disregarded their duty to take action to investigate and to prosecute Yunlin legislator-elected Zhang Shuo-wen (KMT), who has been accused of as an “invalid victor” for vote-buying during the election campaign, before his opponent filed the charge on the case. On the contrary, when it came to Yunlin County mayor Su Zhi-fen (DPP), prosecutors have aggresively pursued the case.

With regards to the Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants, Chao said that, The KMT-flooded legislature have amended the act; whereby before, all public servants must declare the origins of their property; now the amendment would permit public servants, whom are not charged for corruption, to keep this information undisclosed. The DPP strongly condemns this move, as it prevents senior KMT figures, suspected of corruption, from being investigated.

Chao stresses that Ma's candidacy for KMT chairmanship should address the reversion of the act back to the rightful original, so that senior government officials comply with anti-corruption efforts.