DPP debates future strategy at National Party Congress

The DPP held its 13th National Party Congress on Jan. 24 to gather together party representatives nationwide to discuss issues concerning the future direction of the DPP. Among the party issues, the media and the public paid closest attention to the issue of nominations for the 2010 city mayors and councilors elections.

The theme of the Congress was “Unity and Progress - Guarding Democracy,” reflecting the DPP’s resolution to keep the party united in order to maintain a progressive DPP and to safeguard Taiwan’s democracy.

Prior to the Congress’ opening, DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen said that its main purpose was to create a consensus regarding the nominations of candidates for the end-of-the-year elections. Chair Tsai said that the agenda was certainly very simple, but it was important for the DPP to spend effort and time to enhance the communication process within the party in order to confront and debate the different opinions within the party.

During the Congress, Chair Tsai said that the DPP must not remain complacent due to recent election achievements. She also said that DPP members must not forget that, when confronting a bigger challenge, members must remember not to battle among themselves, especially when the DPP is trying to determine the election candidates.