DPP plans for "Ten Year Policy Manifesto"

The DPP plans to release a ten-year policy platform package highlighting the DPP’s vision for Taiwan.

The DPP issued a statement noting that whether ruling or in opposition, it is the responsibility of the DPP as a party to develop policy standpoints for the betterment of the Taiwanese people.

In the statement, the DPP highlighted the point that the current standpoints reflected in the DPP platform already represent the foundation for a democratic society, but changes that have occurred in the past ten years demonstrate the need to readjust the current DPP platform.

The adjustments planned in the new policy package include suggestions on how Taiwan should deal with the globalization of economics and trade, the aging population in Taiwan, national debt, energy needs and global warming, among other issues.

The DPP has emphasized that the new policy package will not be a substitute for the current DPP platform that includes a set of resolutions that have been set in practice since these resolutions were adopted.

The DPP plans to incorporate debate from all aspects of society to create the new policy package. The agenda is to examine the major challenges for Taiwan in the next ten years and to make recommendations for a better direction.

The DPP’s Policy Coordinating Committee has issued a Q&A regarding the new policy package, highlighting the major issues that will be covered. In the Q&A, the three major issues highlighted are:

(1) Major challenges faced by Taiwan in the next ten years,

(2) The historical problems that Taiwan must face in the future, and

(3) Based on these issues, suggestions of DPP policy for the betterment of Taiwan.

The process of developing the new policy package involves four phases. The first phase will engage debate from within the DPP, and reach a consensus. In the second phase, the DPP will organize a series of conferences engaging the recommendations from all aspects of civic society. The third phase will involve writing the first drafts of the policy package, and in the fourth phase, the policy package will be presented at the National Party Congress for approval.

The intended deadline for the policy package to be completed is set for the National Party Congress in August of this year. The DPP welcomes suggestions from the public, and invites participants who wish to take part in the conferences in the upcoming months.