National Party Congress Declaration Full Text

Passed by the DPP’s National Party Congress on July 18, 2010.

A responsible party will not only focus on the present, and will not simply pursue the happiness of this generation.

The current generation of Taiwanese people are enjoying democracy, economic prosperity, diversity and an independent national dignity because of the past generations’ sacrifices. Due to their vision, they left us with riches that achieved today’s Taiwan. For this reason, we are obliged to provide the next generation a glorious future. The DPP, representing Taiwan’s most grassroots political party, bears this unavoidable responsibility.

As the KMT Administration deviates from Taiwanese values, they are not only wasting the historical assets left by our predecessors, but also destroying our next generation’s future. These are the effects the Ma Administration’s China-inclined policy:
(1) Erosion of Taiwan’s democracy and human rights,
(2) Loss of our economic independence and cultural uniqueness,
(3) Corruption of our fiscal discipline and,
(4) Disregard of environmental conservation.
All of these problems will force the next generation to bear bitter costs. Because of the lack of efficiency and sense of direction in local governance, the people are starting to forget our former prosperity and losing the happiness they hold so dearly. If this situation is not reversed, our current generation will be shackled with the negative burdens we have left them.

Because our predecessors worked hard to create these riches, we cannot allow Taiwan to continue walking on the wrong path which would lead us to an irreversible situation. For our future generations, this is a crucial moment for us to remove the obstacles preventing us from a better tomorrow and walking bravely towards prosperity.

The meaning of the DPP’s existence is to continuously open up a new era while protecting the values of Taiwan. We have learned our lessons and we are about to meet the victories of each crucial battle. We will continue to move forward in order to prevent historical regression and we will continue to challenge ourselves so that we can look toward the future.