DPP Ten Year Policy Manifesto enters its third phase

In early 2010, the DPP organized the “Taiwan’s Unavoidable Challenges Conference” series to launch its Ten Year Policy Manifesto, a policy package that highlights the DPP’s vision for Taiwan over the next ten years. The policy package will be comprised of chapters devoted to topics such as foreign relations, social welfare, the economy, environment and agriculture, etc.

The DPP is currently working to complete the final stages of this planning, which is to produce early drafts based on recommendations made by DPP leaders, academics and civic society. The drafts have been structured in a specified format with the first section of each chapter titled “trends and challenges”, the second section “core concept”, and the third section “policy standpoints” with subsections for each set of policy suggestions.

At the DPP’s Central Standing Committee meeting of Aug. 11, the DPP launched the first draft of one of the chapters in the Ten Year Policy Manifesto. This chapter will focus on the issue of ethnic diversity in Taiwan, with suggestions for improving ethnic relations and enhancing Taiwanese culture among our diverse community.

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen said that the DPP presented the ethnic diversity draft first because this is an important and critical topic – for both Taiwanese society and for the DPP.

“Taiwan is a country comprised of ethnic and immigrant societies, and we must, on one hand, promote a common national identity and, on the other hand, maintain the openness of an immigrant society as well as promote ethnic and cultural diversity,” she said.

Subsequently, another first draft on the issue of gender equality was presented at the DPP’s Central Standing Committee meeting on Aug. 25. This chapter discussed the challenges of the current low birth rate and gender disparity in Taiwan. The policy recommendations presented in the first draft suggest the creation of a proper environment for gender equality and support for a gender-friendly workplace, among others.