1999 Resolution Regarding Taiwan's Future

Resolution Regarding Taiwan’s Future 1999

I. Preface

Through years of hardship and struggle, the Democratic Progressive Party
(DPP) and the people of Taiwan have compelled the Kuomintang(KMT) to
accept democratic reforms by lifting Martial Law and terminating one-party
authoritarian rule. Following the 1992 general elections of the national
legislature, the 1996 direct presidential elections, and constitutional reform
to abolish the provincial government, Taiwan has become a democratic and
independent country.
In order to face the new environment and to create a vision for the future
based on past accomplishments, the DPP continues to push for structural
reforms in the state institutions while taking further steps to define Taiwan’s
status and the direction in which the nation is headed. This proclamation
unequivocally clarifies the outlook of the DPP regarding Taiwan’s future at
this juncture in time. Our past experiences and achievements can be used as
a foundation to face the challenges of the next century.

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