DPP announces donation drive to help Japan

The DPP announced on Wednesday (March 16) that it will start a donation drive to help Japan during the devastating earthquake and tsunami disaster. The DPP Headquarters will open the bank account at the post office bank and people may donate any amount to the designated account by the DPP.

The account number at the post office bank is [50187239] under the account name [民主進步黨日本賑災專戶]. The DPP invites people from all walks of society to help Japan and donate any amount that is convenient for them. The DPP will also organize donation drives throughout 21 counties in Taiwan from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 20.

Posters with the slogan, “Safe Wishes for Japan”, have been produced by the DPP to advertise the initiative. The DPP has also publicized the donation drive on its Facebook page and main website.

DPP’s Director of the Youth Department, Lee Cheng-yi said that Japan has never hesitated to provide a lending hand to Taiwan, and it is time for us to return them our gratitude.

“During Taiwan’s previous disasters such as the 921 Earthquake and the Typhoon Morakot disaster, 80% of our foreign donations came from Japan,” he said.

Acting DPP Chair Ker Chien-ming said during a press conference announcing the DPP’s initiative on March 16 that, “The earthquake damage brought great shock, sadness and suffering to the people in Japan, and the DPP would like to convey its deepest concern for the victims. We also hope that Japan is able to start immediately its rehabilitation and reconstruction."

Acting Chair Ker praised the Japanese people for their civility even at times of crisis, in addition to the professionalism presented by the media, which are all examples that Taiwan may learn from.