DPP’s next phase: return to power, become largest party in the Legislative Yuan

On March 5th, the DPP gained victory in the legislative by-elections of Greater
Kaohsiung and Greater Tainan. DPP candidates Lin Tai-hua and Hsu Tian-chai won
their elections by an overwhelming majority. Earlier in the week, the DPP put all its
effort into the southern campaigns, holding its Central Standing Committee meeting
in Tainan City to bring the entire party’s support behind the candidates.

After the elections results were announced, DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen issued a
statement with three major points:

We represent the entire party in offering our sincere appreciation to Tainan
and Kaohsiung residents for their support and affirmation. We would also like to
congratulate Hsu Tian-chai and Lin Tai-hua. Because of the party’s united efforts,
we achieved this victory. We would also like to thank Mayor Chen Chu and Mayor
Lai Ching-teh for their commitment in campaigning for the candidates.

Before we set out to battle for the legislative and presidential elections, let us
have even greater confidence to face future challenges. Since the loss of the 2008
presidential elections, the DPP has reflected humbly and risen up again. In 12
legislative by-elections so far, the DPP has gained 9 seats, and in the Big-5 Elections,
the DPP’s support rate increased by more than 1 million votes. We would like to
thank our supporters for standing together with the DPP. These results represent an
even greater encouragement for the DPP’s next battle. In the next phase, our
objective is to return to power and become the largest party in the Legislative Yuan.

During these numerous elections, the results represent a message that the
people are trying to give to the Ma Administration, which is a “desire to change”.
Today, the bright future that President Ma presented during his presidential
campaign is nowhere in evidence. During his Administration’s three years,, the
people have lost all hope for the future. If young people can’t visualize a future, this
is the biggest problem for Taiwan’s development. We understand the people’s
desire to change. Here, I solemnly announce that the DPP will carry out the
responsibility to lead the future development of Taiwan in 2012. We will become the people’s best option.