DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen is primary winner, polling results announced

The following are the results of the DPP poll for the presidential primary:

Hsu Hsing-liang 12.21% v. Ma Ying-jeou 51.45%

Tsai Ing-wen 42.50% v. Ma Ying-jeou 35.04%

Su Tseng-chang 41.15% v. Ma Ying-jeou 33.79%

Based on this result, Tsai Ing-wen is the winner of the DPP presidential primary.

At the April 27 press conference, DPP Acting Chair Ker Chian-ming, along with Secretary-General Su Chia-chuan and Chen Jung-lin, Director of the DPP’s Survey Dept., announced the results of the DPP poll for the presidential primary. DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen won the primary with an average 42.5%, becoming the candidate to represent the DPP at the 2012 presidential election.

Acting Chair Ker thanked the entire party for their efforts during this primary period. He also expressed his sincere appreciation for the public nationwide for their support of the DPP.

He said, “In this primary, the DPP held four televised presentations giving all three candidates a platform to clearly express their governing vision. This process symbolized a form of democratic style, a Taiwan value and also a core value of the DPP. We can proudly and confidently say that this is something that the old KMT is not able to achieve.

Acting Chair Ker emphasized that the announcement of the primary result represents the “beginning of cooperation and the start of new challenges and responsibilities”. He also said that it “now is the time to change the ineptitude of the Ma Administration”.

Director of the DPP’s Survey Dept. Chen Jung-lin said that this poll was carried out by five polling companies, out of seven, randomly selected by representatives from the three candidates. He noted that among the three candidates, two showed an average ahead of the KMT’s Ma Ying-jeou.

For the full poll result data, please click: DPP 2012 Primary Poll Result


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