DPP Japan Donation Drive reaches to a close, NT85+ million wired directly to Red Cross in Japan

The DPP Japan Donation Drive for victims of Japan’s March 11 earthquake has reached to a close. The one-month donation drive took place from March 16 to April 16, and a total of NT85 million and 408,096 thousand was wired directly to the Red Cross of Japan on April 18. The DPP shouldered all administrative costs, meaning that all donations given by the public went directly to the Red Cross in Japan.

Former Premier and Central Standing Committee Member Frank Hsieh hosted the press conference on April 20 at the DPP, announcing the total amount collected. Other members of the DPP's Central Standing Committee also gathered at the press conference to show the DPP's support of Japan.

Former Premier Hsieh said that this time’s donation drive organized by the DPP was held in “accordance with the law, in time and in full”.

“Taiwan is small in size, but our care for others is big,” Former Premier Hsieh said. “Whether we face a domestic or foreign tragedy, people are always enthusiastically donating.”

Former Premier Hsieh appealed the Ma Administration to face the security issues of our nuclear power plants as a result of the nuclear crisis in Japan. He emphasized that our government must produce a comprehensive nuclear energy policy, especially addressing the security issues of the first, second and third nuclear power plants in Taiwan.