DPP congratulates new Tibetan Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay

On August 8, representing the DPP, Legislator Chen Chieh-ju, attended the ceremonies officiating the start of the Tibetan Government’s new Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay. The ceremony comprised of an oath taking ceremony in Dharamshala, India.

Chen delivered a speech titled “Hand in Hand We See the Light of Hope: Warmest Regards from Taiwan”. She first praised the bond between the DDP and the Tibetan Government in Exile. She then referred to an act proposed by the DPP in 2009, which legalized the residency of Tibetans living in Taiwan.

The bond between Tibet and Taiwan has strengthened due to increasing Taiwanese people and NGOs recognizing Tibetan sovereignty and participating in the annual Tibetan March Uprising, she emphasized. She said it was troubling, however, that the KMT administration has in recent years hindered communication between Taipei and Dharamshala in order to prevent provocation with Beijing.

In her speech, Chen also talked on Taiwan and Tibet’s similar position when facing the Beijing government, saying “Although Taiwan and Tibet differ in geographic environment, religion, history, and democratic process, we both are dealing with a regime that denies the value of democracy, violates freedom of religion, ruins the peaceful dialogue, and suppresses human rights.”

She lauded Dalai Lama for his belief in democracy and shared the story of former DPP Chair Lin I-Hsung who turned grief into strength after the Lin Family Massacre.

“You are not alone,” Chen said to the audience and ended her speech with encouragement toward the Tibetan people and Prime Minister Sangay.
"Let’s hand in hand help each other, and we shall see the light of hope for the future."