Tsai Ing-wen hosts press conference after first presidential debate

On Dec. 3, DPP Chair and Presidential Candidate Tsai Ing-wen held a press conference after the first presidential debate that took place between the DPP, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the People’s First Party (PFP) candidates organized by Taiwan Public Television in Taipei City.

Accompanied by DPP Legislative Caucus Convener Ker Chien-ming, Professor Chen Po-chih, and Spokespeople Chen Chi-mai and Cheng Li-chiun, Chair Tsai delivered a short briefing regarding the debates and answered questions by the media.

Chair Tsai first said that she was quite happy to see the issue of “Taiwan Consensus” receive wide attention and discussion during the debates. She said that she believed the “Taiwan Consensus” is a process of integration and that it was the responsibility of a president to obtain consensus among the public. She promised that, for this very reason, if elected president next year, she plans to invite President Ma Ying-jeou and PFP Chairman James Soon to participate in the discussion for consensus gathering.

Chair Tsai emphasized that democracy has already become the collective method of livelihood among the Taiwanese people. She further said that besides the whole nation paying close attention to this presidential debate, China was also watching closely. She stressed that in order for cross strait relations to become stable for the long-term, she would only use the consensus formed by the Taiwanese people as a foundation.

Following Chair Tsai’s briefing, the media asked questions concerning the debate. Among the questions, she was asked to respond to President Ma’s concerns regarding some members of Former President Chen Shui-bian’s administrative team being a part of her campaign team. She responded that President Ma should reflect on the shortcomings of his own team, which is one that has been distant from the people’s feelings.

In regards to granting amnesty to Former President Chen, Chair Tsai expressed that only after a verdict has been given on the case, the issue of amnesty should be discussed. She then said that President Ma also responded the same way in 2008.