Piggy Bank Donations Reach NT$201.2 Million (USD$6.7 Million)

The Tsai Ing-wen National Campaign Headquarters held a "Happy Pigs, Successful Victory" press conference on January 6th.

Spokespeople Lin Chun-Hsien and Cheng Li-chun expressed that from the beginning of the "Summoning of the Piggy Banks" event on December 10th until now, 143,000 little piggy banks have already successfully returned home. Although the Taiwanese people live frugally, the donations saved in the piggy banks have reached NT $201.2 million (USD $6.7 million).

Through these small donations the people have expressed their disappointment with the current administration as well as their desire for fairness and social justice. Every dollar in those piggy banks will be used in the campaign against the abuse of the state apparatus by Taiwan's Big Bad Wolf, which treats Taiwanese society with neither fairness nor justice.

Lin Chun-Hsien explained that on October 9th, as Tsai was on the campaign trail in Tainan, a grandfather brought his three triplet granddaughters to the stage, who presented Tsai with three little piggy banks. They hoped that Tsai could lead Taiwan and create a better future for the next generation. However, their simple wish to donate money from their banks was suppressed by the Control Yuan.

Thus, on October 25th, the DPP launched the "Three Little Pigs Campaign" to bring together the strength of the whole people and bring down the Big Bad Wolf. Lin said that "The Three Little Pigs Movement" started nearly two months ago, and the entire country enthusiastically supported and participated in it.

On the day of December 18th, over 100,000 participants showed their support by joining the “Fairness and Justice, Taiwan Piggy Banks" event and returning over 100,000 piggy banks from all around the nation to the national campaign headquarters in Banciao.

During the past twenty days, as the people gradually sent the piggy banks home, 150 volunteers on three assembly lines worked on 12 hole-punching machines, 52 coin sorting machines, and 6 coin counters for 12 hours per day, for a total of more than 3,000 man-hours. Lin expressed that as they completed the process of taking inventory, workers dealt with malfunctioning coin counting machines and long hours.

Even so, no one tired from their efforts, and through this process, the DPP witnessed both the power of the people of Taiwan as well as the most successful small donation fundraising campaign in Taiwan history.

Campaign Spokesperson Cheng Li-chun took out a small piece of paper that a donor placed into a piggy bank, upon which the supporter wrote his wishes and expectations for Taiwan. Cheng told the story of ninety-year-old from Sanchong called Grandfather Lin. He was entrusted with delivering the piggy bank because the donor did not know where to send it, riding a tricycle all the way from Luzhou District.
In addition, she spoke of a poor donor that lived together with four generations of his family. This man worked hard just to survive; he had a daughter with disabilities and provided for his six-year-old grandson. Yet, even such a poor family desired to raise a piggy bank to express support for Tsai Ing-wen.

Another supporter, despite living in poverty and finding it difficult to put food on the table, diligently strove to make deposits into the piggy bank. He included a note that read, "I'm sorry, I can save only so much because I must leave some money to eat." In another moving story, Tang Bao Bao donated all the bonus money she earned as a cleaner to Tsai Ing-wen, saying that "I want to use my bonus and my vote to support you, I hope that you are overwhelmingly elected."

Cheng Li-chun expressed that this election is asymmetric, and Taiwan is gradually experiencing a rollback of democracy. This time, the Three Little Pigs are opposing not just one Big Bad Wolf, but three. The people must harness the power of equality and justice to fight against the Big Bad Wolves of big business, huge KMT party assets, and the use of the state apparatus to influence the electoral battle.

Cheng said that the Three Little Pigs movement highlights the desire of the people to expect a society marked by fairness. People have made small contributions to express their dissatisfaction with the current administration and expectations for Tsai Ing-wen.

On this day, the Democratic Progressive Party expresses its sincere gratitude for the strength of the Taiwanese people, including those supporters who lived frugally and used their savings to make valuable donations; the campaign headquarters volunteers who received the piggy banks; those who transported the piggy banks back home; and the volunteers who happily worked day and night to complete the process to fruition.


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