DPP Acting Chair Chen Chu's Speech in response to President Ma Ying-jeou's 5/20 Inauguration

Just yesterday, tens of thousands of people participated in the 519 Big March. Among the participants were young working professionals, parents, the elderly and even people with disabilities. There were many people from different parts of Taiwan with different backgrounds, but everyone showed their willingness to walk the streets of Taipei in order to express their opinions and to sternly tell President Ma Ying-jeou how unhappy we are with his administration. Over the past four years,  due to a series of failed Ma Administration policies, the people now have a very hard life. This has made the people lose confidence and feel great anxiety about the next four years.

During yesterday’s march, tens of thousands of people collectively made a request to President Ma, which was the hope that, in an economy that has neither recovered nor improved, there be no rise in oil and electricity prices which would both cause inflation and create great hardships for everyone. The people also appealed to President Ma not to allow the import of products containing ractopamine so that everyone could eat healthier and be at ease. But above that, the people expected even more that when handling cross strait relations, President Ma abide by the principles of democracy and conforms with the consensus in Taiwan, allowing everyone to feel assured about Taiwan’s future. We sincerely hope that President Ma is able to take seriously these voices, change the course on his failed policies and, in his inaugural speech today, show positive reflection and response.

Nevertheless, today we are regretfully watching that the failure of the administration in the past four years has created hardships on many people. President Ma has not only failed to offer an apology, but in regards to yesterday's loud appeal by the tens of thousands of people, he has chosen to ignore them and is unwilling to put a stop to his failed policies. On the contrary, on the first day of his new term, President Ma once again appointed the premiership to  Sean Chen, who should take pay for the the problems we previously mentioned.

In regards to President Ma’s disregard for the rights of the people and being so bent on ignoring the future of the country, the DPP as the political party loyal to the Taiwanese people is obligated to exert all its efforts and produce effective checks and balances on the Ma administration in order to protect the well-being of the people. As the chair of the DPP, I hereby make two important declarations:

First, in order to implement the spirit of responsible politics and protect the people’s interests, we will push for a no-confidence vote in Premier Sean Chen’s cabinet for: the concealment of the bird flu epidemic, the promotion of lifting the ban on ractopamine and the double-raise in oil and electricity prices. Premier Sean Chen must step down for these administration mistakes, and the cabinet must be immediately reorganized.

Second, in order for our Legislative Yuan to carry out its strictest constitutional responsibilities and play the supervisory role over the Ma administration, the DPP fully supports all legislative members who stand by the rejection of allowing ractopamine products.

When we are faced with a president that we elected who shows this callous attitude, we must understand that we must be even more united and work harder over the next four years. We must all work together to protect our country and the next generation. I give my vow today, as a DPP member, that I will give my all to uniting all the people as one. Our next and most important mission is to pull our country back from the brink. Lastly, we appeal the Taiwanese people to give us their strength. Thank you!