DPP responds to KMT's version of the Nuclear Referendum Question

 The KMT issued yesterday the question that will be posed in the referendum to be held on the nuclear power issue. The text of the nuclear power referendum states, “Do you agree that the construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant should be halted and that it not become operational?”

Responding to this development, DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang said, “It is clear that in issuing this referendum question, the KMT is distorting text. It is also clear that their ambition is to continue construction on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant. The KMT is beating around the bush, violating the will of the people, and this is absolutely unacceptable.”

Chair Su emphasized that the issue of nuclear power in earthquake-prone Taiwan must be completely bi-partisan. Once again, he appealed for the public to come out and express their stance against nuclear power in the March 9th rally.

DPP Spokesperson Wang Ming-sheng explained the DPP’s suspicions towards the way in which the referendum question was posed by the KMT. He emphasized the illegality of the question based on a past ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court (“SAC”).  

According to Mr. Wang, the SAC has passed a ruling that requires the referendum question to be subjective, and usually in the affirmative and retained in simplicity in order not to create voter difficulties.

The KMT’s question includes a double proposition of “halting construction” and “not become operational”, which is rarely seen in a referendum question, and it also violates the SAC’s ruling, Mr. Wang said.