DPP's thinktank announces Defense Policy Blue Paper

Published June 6, 2013
The DPP’s thinktank, the New Frontier Foundation, held a press conference today to announce the DPP’s Defense Policy Blue Paper. The blueprint, completely dedicated to the topic of Taiwan’s national defense, contains four chapters, and it was assembled through the relentless efforts made by the New Frontier Foundation’s Defense Policy Advisory Committee.
“This is the first time since the party’s founding in which we have a dedicated unit to research on national defense,” DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang said. “Today, we are issuing four blueprints to show that the DPP is taking concrete actions to value Taiwan’s national defense and its military.”
Chair Su Tseng-chang was speaking on his capacity as President of the New Frontier Foundation. Present at the press conference were: Chief Executive Officer of the New Frontier Foundation, Mr. Lin Wan-yi; Former National Security Council Advisor and Defense Policy Advisory Committee Convener, Mr. York Chen; Executive Director of the DPP’s Policy Research Committee, Dr. Joseph Wu; and Legislator Bikhim Hsiao, who also stands as a standing member of the Defense Committee.
The four chapters of the blueprint are:
(1)   DPP’s National Defense Agenda;
(2)   Transforming the CSIST: Strengthening Indigenous Defense Research and Development (CSIST: Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology);
(3)   An Accountable National Security Council; and
(4)   New Chapter for Taiwan-U.S. Defense Partnership.
The Defense Policy Blue Paper conducted more than 14 meetings to gather the different opinions of military experts from the Legislative Yuan, past government officials and research institutions, including recommendations from 31 retired military generals.
Chair Su said he hoped this is a “new start” for cooperation, hoping that the current administration also places importance to Taiwan’s national defense, creating a more secure environment for all the people of Taiwan. He emphasized that national defense should be bi-partisan, and it must overpass any party interests.
Below is the link to the Four Chapters.
Please note, only Chapter 1 in its entirety and the Forewords of Chapter 2, 3 and 4 are translated into English.

CHAPTER 1 - DPP's National Defense Agenda

CHAPTER 2 - Transforming the CSIST: Strengthening Indigenous Defense Research and Development

CHAPTER 3 - An Accountable National Security Council

CHAPTER 4 - New Chapter for Taiwan-U.S. Defense Partnership