DPP 27th Anniversary - Chair Su Tseng-chang's Remarks

Members of the diplomatic community, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming to the 27th Anniversary of the Democratic Progressive Party. We are honored by your presence.
27 years ago, we founded the DPP. Those were the days when martial law was still in effect, and freedom and human rights were suppressed. Those were the days when we marched in the street to fight for democracy. And those were the days when the KMT government was finally forced to lift martial law and to abolish the rule by emergency decree. Taiwan democracy is not yet perfect, as manifested by recent political events. However, it is our duty to bring the democracy back on the right track.
I am pleased to inform you, since we met last year, our legislators and county and city mayors have out-ranked and out-performed their peers and enjoy very high marks and approval ratings in every single survey. As you can see, we may not be the largest political party, but in terms of performance, the DPP is the best in the eyes of the Taiwan people.
I have served as the Chair of the DPP for a little more than a year. During this brief period, the DPP has strengthened its local organizations and improved coordination with our legislative caucus. We have rolled out a compassionate economic reform package to stimulate our economy. We have joined hands with journalists, professors and students to stop a media monopoly from taking place.
We have taken the lead in public discussions, and proposed reform measures: on the near-bankrupt pension systems, on much needed renewable energy, and on the confusing 12-year compulsory education proposal. We have also published four defense blue papers to highlight our seriousness on national defense. We have done so because we are more than just an opposition; we are ready to shoulder responsibility for Taiwan’s future.
Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, here I would like to present to you the “Green New Deal” as the DPP’s pledge for Taiwan’s future: sustainable development, good governance, social justice, and democratic alliance.
We have always supported environment protection and a nuclear-free homeland. As you are well aware, we are now working hard to stop the controversial and potentially dangerous 4th Nuclear Power Plant. We will push hard on renewable energy sources. In particular, we will promote something Taiwan is very good at: LED and LVD lighting and the use of solar panels.
We have recently concluded a comprehensive review of the past DPP Administration. We have also learned from the mistakes of the current one. I promise you, when the DPP comes back to power, good governance will always be on the top of our priority list.
Social justice is also our top priority. The recent dispute over land acquisition and Service Trade Agreement with China, the death of a young soldier, and the possible collapse of pension systems warrant our even harder efforts. The DPP will work relentlessly to ensure reform takes place.
Democracy is our core value. We will not only consolidate our democracy domestically, but expand our relations internationally based on this precious value. In the past few months, I have taken overseas trips to Japan, the US, Canada, and more, to advance our democratic alliance. I am glad to have received very positive responses. I will continue to press this alliance forward whenever I have a chance.
I know you call the DPP green. Yes, the DPP is about green environment, green energy, green industry, and a green island country economically and politically. To us, green is clean, green is refreshing, green is sustainable, and green is good. The DPP will be all about a Green New Deal.
There are important events ahead of us. In particular, local elections are right around the corner. We are confident in taking on the challenges especially when DPP support is consistently higher than that of others. Yes, the DPP is coming back—better, stronger and greener than ever.
Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, now I would like to propose a toast to all of you: To friendship! Cheers! Thank you very much.


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