DPP announces cancelation of Cross Strait Services Trade Agreement televised debate as a result of current constitutional crisis

September 11, 2013 - Responding to the upcoming televised debate between DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang and President Ma Ying-jeou regarding the Cross Strait Services Trade Agreement, DPP Spokesperson Wang Ming-shen held a press conference on Sept. 11 and made the following comments:

“In the past few days, President Ma has used the judiciary as an instrument to attack the President of the Legislative Yuan. As the nation watches the events unfold, it is clear that President Ma has already lost his rationality, has created a constitutional crisis and has led the country into chaos. This will also create disorder in the soon-to-open legislative session. As the country now faces a constitutional crisis of such a magnitude, the time is not right for a rational debate on the Cross Strait Services Trade Agreement.

“For the same reason, the DPP calls on President Ma to immediately put an end to the constitutional chaos and to clear the public concern over the illegality of wiretapping, interference in the judicial process, and endangering the constitutional order that he himself is deeply involved.

“The non-transparent manner of the Cross Strait Services Trade Agreement can be seen as the Ma Administration avoiding necessary legislative oversight and the public deliberation. The Legislative Yuan had already agreed to hold 16 more hearings in order to review the Agreement item by item and to vote on it article by article. The DPP requests that President Ma respects the decision made by the Legislative Yuan. Furthermore, the DPP appeals President Ma to stop suppressing his own legislators and show respect to public opinion. At the same time, the DPP will persist in protecting Taiwan’s democracy and the interest of the Taiwan industries.

“Lastly, the DPP would like to offer its apologies to the Public Television Station and to all the staff who have arduously prepared for the debate.”

The Central Standing Committee of the DPP also passed the following statement concerning the constitutional crisis:

1.   The Special Investigation Division (SID) has used illegal means to investigate the Speaker and the minority leader of the Legislative Yuan. It also presented the investigation findings directly to the President to be used as a tool to attack his political opponents. Prosecutor-General Huang Shih-ming must be suspended of his duty and to be investigated immediately. He should be held accountable for his legal responsibilities.

2.  SID has already lost its legitimacy in Taiwan. The DPP will direct its Legislative Caucus to raise amendments of the laws in order to repeal the existence of this organization.

3.  With regard to President Ma’s overt violation of the judicial process and to intervene in legislature which causes the current constitutional crisis, the DPP, as the largest opposition party, will take all necessary actions to return the nation to the constitutional normalcy.