DPP condemns China's ADIZ announcement

Several days ago the PRC government announced that it unilaterally created the “East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ),” which includes part of Taiwan's northeast air defense identification zone and is in close proximity to our nation’s Penjiayu waters and therefore poses an enormous challenge to our sovereignty and national defense. Chairman Su Tseng-chang of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) responded immediately by asserting the Party’s firm position on national sovereignty and security. Chair Su condemned China’s conduct as an expression of regional hegemony and demanded that the Ma administration not tolerate China's trespassing and impairing regional stability via such irrational means.

Nevertheless, 48 hours have passed and apart from the National Security Council voicing its concern through a statement and the Defense Ministry conveying its regrets, Present Ma has not taken any concrete actions. Hence, at the specific instruction of DPP Chairman Su, DPP Policy Research Committee Executive Director Joseph Wu, International Affairs Department Director Liu Shih-chung, China Affairs Department Director Honigmann Hong Tsai-lung and Convener of the Defense Policy Advisory Committee York Chen made the following statement:


I.                   The Chinese government’s unilateral declaration of the ADIZ, which overlaps with Taiwan’s and Japan’s existing air defense zones, not only runs counter to international norms but also represents an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. This has resulted in a rapid escalation of tension in the Asia-Pacific region and seriously jeopardizes regional stability and peace. The DPP solemnly remonstrates against such irresponsible provocations and demands the Chinese government retract its ADIZ announcement immediately.


II.                Since 2009, the Chinese government has continuously claimed its “core national interests” over disputed territories and, after the autumn of 2012, it deployed aircraft and vessels into the disputed area in the East China Sea in the face of opposition from other nations. This has led to an escalation of regional tension and hostility. China’s expansionist behavior has constituted a challenge to regional stability. The DPP has responded to Chinese conduct several times to call for close attention from all parties and joint opposition to China’s expansionist approaches. The DPP is deeply concerned that the world’s failure to take substantial actions will only embolden China to launch military aggression against its neighbors.


III.             The DPP supports US Secretary of State John Kerry’s criticism of China’s unilateral attempt to alter the status quo and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s reiteration that the US remains “steadfast in our commitments to our allies and partners." The DPP is willing to work with our international partners to safeguard regional peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific.


IV.              After China unilaterally declared its establishment of this air defense identification zone, the Ma administration’s response to the issue was rather feeble—a mere expression of concern and regret by different agencies, with no statement of opposition or denunciation. This represents a serious dereliction of duty. The DPP is extremely disappointed in the government's handling of the matter.


V.                 History has shown that weakness only breeds more aggressive expansion and costs nations more dearly afterward. Therefore, the DPP issues three demands of the Ma’s administration:


                       (1)                That the government lodges a solemn protest against China’s unilateral establishment of an ADIZ which challenges the status quo in the Asia-Pacific region.

                      (2)                That the government maintains close contact with concerned friendly nations to coordinate necessary cooperation and pay attention to developments.

                      (3)                That, in order to defend our nation’s sovereignty and national security with substantial action, military’s patrols by Taiwan’s fighter jets and naval vessels in the nation’s own ADIZ in waters off northeastern Taiwan should not be interrupted by China’s ADIZ announcement.
The YouTube video of this press conference (in Mandarin) can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zLgHmhXBIc&feature=share&list=UUWBuaibHuP_MVg2Asavv44w