DPP Supports Students’ Decision to End Sit-in of Legislature

Taipei, Taiwan - In response to the April 7th student announcement, titled “From defense to offense: out of the bunker and into the streets,” that they would end occupation of the Legislative Yuan on April 10, the DPP declared:

  1. We support the students’ decision. The student movement has awakened the public’s passion to participate in public affairs. During this peaceful, rational, and non-violent process, Taiwan’s young generation has demonstrated a high degree of democratic maturity. Meanwhile, the spontaneous force of Taiwan’s civil society has corrected the stubborn approach of the Ma administration, and created a “re-democratization” of Taiwan.
  2. The DPP has always advocated for legislation that provides oversight of cross-Strait negotiations. “Enact legislation first and review the trade pact later” has now become a social consensus. This proposal was established in the joint session of all committees in the Legislative Yuan on March 24, and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng made a similar commitment yesterday, April 6. This commitment was the determining factor that led to the students’ decision to vacate the Legislative Yuan. The DPP will remain firm and maintain a strict standard of review while seeking to move the oversight legislation forward as expeditiously as possible. The legislative process is expected to respond to the public demands and lead to an Act with substantial effect in overseeing cross-Strait negotiations. In the meantime, the DPP holds the KMT accountable for any action against public opinion or the raising of new issues.
  3. The student movement has provoked deep reflection from all parts of society. In addition to the lack of a transparent oversight mechanism for cross-Strait negotiations, the movement has surfaced constitutional issues that must be solved, and social anxiety over intractable generational injustice, social inequality, and imbalances in cross-Strait relations. To ensure Taiwan’s democracy deepens and prospers, we urge President Ma to listen, understand, and respond to these issues, and we hope all citizens come together to reflect on deepening and strengthening Taiwan's democracy. 
Translated by DPP US Mission. For the original text in Chinese, click here.