Message by DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang

April 14 - In my heart, I’ve been standing by Taiwan and the Taiwanese people since assuming the chair position. I believe that for this party, we must all strive to win the 2014 elections in order to build a victorious foundation for the DPP’s return to power.

As a founding member of the DPP, I have deep feelings for this party. The last two years, I’ve felt the deeper-level expectations of the people towards the DPP. The DPP’s support rate has climbed over the last year, surpassing that of the KMT, which is a gratifying achievement. Nevertheless, the people’s expectations are reflective of values that shield Taiwan, in which the people’s rights are protected and where the DPP stands unselfishly united. We can still reach this demand by the people towards the DPP.

Now, the students’ movement is flourishing and growing, and the 2014 plan to end the construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is taking priority. We are not far from the November 2014 elections. Our power resources cannot be scattered, and the DPP must not be in disorder. With less internal conflicts, the party will suffer less damages. After careful consideration, I’ve decided not to seek for the chair re-election since two of the former chairs have already announced their desire to do so.

The next wave of democracy is here. The people will not wait for the DPP, and the future of the party depends on partnering with the people. I cannot bear to see the party being ripped apart, therefore, I have chosen to let go and to take a step back. Yet, in everything under the sun, my everlasting purpose to work for Taiwan will not cease.