DPP Secretary-General urges China to release all Prisoners of Conscience

DPP Secretary-General Joseph Wu
To mark the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown on democracy activists, Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has called on China to free all its prisoners of conscience and to cease all human rights abuses. Dr. Joseph Wu, DPP’s Secretary-General together with DPP Legislator Chao Tien-lin, concurrently serving as director of the Department of China Affairs, released a press statement on June 4th, emphasizing that the 25th anniversary of this tragic event will not be forgotten by the people of Taiwan, nor by the rest of the world.

Dr. Wu said that although China has experienced rapid economic development in the past 25 years, the Chinese government has yet to acknowledge its responsibility in the violent Tiananmen Square crackdown that is believed to have left at least hundreds dead. Even worse, the Chinese government continues to censor any information regarding the Tiananmen Square protest both in the press media and the Internet. By denying the mere existence of this tragedy, Dr. Wu said, the Chinese government will never achieve genuine reconciliation with the relatives of the victims and the Chinese people at large.

Dr. Wu also pointed out the DPP’s strong commitment to freedom, democracy, and human rights, which have always served as the party’s core values and guiding principles since its establishment. These values are not only essential for the people of Taiwan, Dr. Wu said, but also for the people of China who deserved the same rights as everyone else. It is crucial therefore, for Taiwan to show compassion and solidarity with the Chinese democratic dissidents and activists who are persecuted for their beliefs. Dr. Wu also praised the Tiananmen memorial events held in Hong Kong and Macau that day in which tens of thousands gathered to show their support for democracy in China.

“Free all prisoners of conscience, stop abuses of human rights, allow for truth and reconciliation for the Tiananmen incident, and accept the universal values now held by the rest of the world. These are our demands for the government of China.” Dr. Wu said.

From left to right: DPP spokesperson Huang Di-ying, DPP Secretary-General Joseph Wu, DPP Legislator Chao Tien-lin, DPP spokesperson Hsu Chia-Chin, DPP Director of Organization Cheng Yun-Peng


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