Ma's cross-strait economic and trade policies are not ready

The government’s plans for cross-strait economic and trade policies lack a thorough evaluation. It has operated on a bottom-down approach, whereby the Executive Yuan gives orders to the various ministries to execute its plans. Any officials who deem the plans unfeasible are regarded as remnants of the DPP administration. As a result, the government’s attitude has created a state of chaos with its hasty policies. The DPP hopes that the KMT can propose cross-strait measures only after further discussion and analysis.

The economic and trade policies include allowing Chinese investors to go through private mutual funds to invest in Taiwanese banks. However, banks in Taiwan are part of an inter-connected system of sharing financial information. Chinese investors can gain access to this source of information as well as confidential personal details. This will have a great impact on the security of company transactions and private customer information. In particular, mutual funds backed by Chinese investors or state-operated companies are managed by the Chinese government. As a result, they could potentially unlock the security door to Taiwan’s finance industry.

By not properly analyzing the consequences of its actions, the government has harmed the nation’s interests. The DPP appeals to the Ma administration to carefully review its policies and not use closer cross-strait relations as a solution to all its problems.