Chairperson Tsai: Beijing should fulfill its pledge to respect human rights while hosting the Olympic Games

Chairperson Ing-wen Tsai at a candle light vigil on the eve of the Beijing Olympics called for Beijing to pay attention to its human right records while hosting the Games. Tsai also reminded Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) officials attending the Olympics to not overly politicize the Games.

At a candlelight vigil organized by Taiwanese NGOs including Taiwan Free Burma Network, Taiwan Labor Front, and Taiwan Friends of Tibet, the organizers called out to the Beijing authorities to recognize the importance of respecting human rights, while praying for the people of Tibet and Burma.

Tsai also said that the Olympics is a popular sporting event and Taiwanese athletes deserve the support of the people. However, Tsai reminded KMT officials attending the Games to avoid exploiting the Olympics for political purposes.