The DPP accepts all opinions with humility

Regarding the results of a recent opinion poll on party approval rates conducted by a specific newspaper, director of the Department of Information and Culture Cheng Wen-tsan said that opinion polls conducted by various institutions reveal different figures. Different polls have revealed various approval rates, the DPP however, will humbly take all opinion polls into consideration.

Director Cheng pointed out that since the inauguration of Chairperson Ing-wen Tsai, DPP’s poll results have consistently shown a steady approval rate of about 22%. This includes an increasingly positive association of the DPP with characteristics such as party unity and integrity.

Additionally, though the recent case involving former President Chen has led to some supporters from losing confidence in the party, director Cheng pointed out that poll results have reflected that the public is able to differentiate that the actions of an individual is separate to that of the party.