Ma Administration needs to thoroughly rethink and change its policies on foreign affairs and national security

Disregarding opinion polls conducted by the Executive Yuan’s Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission which consistently show that the majority of the people views China as hostile to Taiwan, the Ma administration has decided to halt the development of long range ballistic missiles, said Director of the Department of Culture and Information Cheng Wen-tsang today (September 1st ). Despite the results, the Ma administration has continued to make unilateral decisions which weaken Taiwan in order to appease China. These include his current foreign and national security policies such as his call for a diplomatic truce with China, the delay in the arms sales, and the suspension of R&D in the military. Despite Ma’s claim that his policies maintain peace between the Taiwan Strait, the reality is that these policies run contrary to maintaining the balance of power in the region.

Additionally, there have been media reports that the Ma administration has also decided to cancel the Taiwan-African Friendship meeting. According to Director Cheng, this is the result of Ma’s ‘diplomatic truce’ which has led to confusion amongst our own diplomats. The Ma government’s shift towards a closer relationship with China has also diminished our allies’ motivation to continue supporting Taiwan, despite having resisted China’s political and economic pressure in the past.

Furthermore, China continues to impede on Taiwan’s international space. The latest example occurred when the Wild Bird Federation Taiwan was forced to change its name to the Chinese Wild Bird Federation. Director Cheng pointed out that these are the results of the Ma administration’s willingness to forfeit using either our official title of the ‘Republic of China’ or our name ‘Taiwan’, which has led the international community to gradually refer to Taiwan as ‘Chinese’ or ‘China.’

Director Cheng emphasized that the problem with the Ma government lies in its fundamental direction. The sources of this problem are Ma’s policy of ‘diplomatic truce’ as well as his indifference towards Taiwan’s sovereignty. Ma’s administration has managed to nullify the success of Taiwan’s past diplomatic achievements. Regarding the public’s demand for Ma to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty, Ma should always have the determination to uphold Taiwan’s dignity and sovereignty as well as take the position that will truly benefit our national interest. In this respect, Ma must revamp his policies on foreign affairs, national security, and national defense. Continued appeasement of China will only continue to lower the bargaining chip for Taiwan in peaceful negotiations. This will also lead to our diplomatic allies questioning Taiwan’s commitments to our national defense as well as our determination to join international organizations.