DPP Poll on “Read traditional, Write simplified” and “Ma’s Party Chairman Role”

DPP Poll on “Read traditional, Write simplified” and “Ma’s Party Chairman Role” 2009-06-11

Today (11) DPP’s Public Opinion Survey Center released the newest survey results on the topics of “Read Traditional characters, Write Simplified” and Ma Ying-jeou’s decision to become the next KMT party chairman. This survey was taken by 708 individuals on the night of June 10th, with a confident level of 95% and a sampling error of ±3.76

Center Director Chen Chunlin said that President Ma had made a series of recent moves that seriously antagonized the public, including concurrently holding the post of KMT chair, promoting “know traditional characters, write simplified characters”, and promoting political rewards for people helped in his elections. The result is a drop of 5 percentage points in his public support, with 54% of respondents unhappy with his administration.

Date: June 10, 2009

Sample size: 708

Sampling error: 95% confidence level, the sampling error is about ± 3.76%

Survey Participants: Citizens over the age of 20 with right to vote

Selection: Machine selected phone numbers with the ending by twos

Weighted by: age, gender and household registration

  1. 75.6% of respondents stand opposed to: “President Ma Ying-jeou, in order to accelerate cross-strait cultural exchanges, intends to promote “know traditional, use simplified characters.” 17.1 percent were in favor.

  • Even 67% of pan-blue supporters opposed the use of simplified Chinese characters.

  1. 51.2% of respondents think that the "know traditional, write simplified characters" is a preparation by President Ma for cross-strait unification, while 32.1 percent of people do not think so.

  • 76% of pan-green supporters believe that the use of simplified Chinese characters in writing is preparation for unification. 37% of pan-blue supporters have indicated similar sentiments while 50% oppose.

  • A higher percentage of swing-voters believe that the action is for unification, with 48% believing and 30% opposing.

3. 64.9% believe that President Ma Ying-jeou will lead Taiwan toward unification, and only 6.3% of people think he is moving toward independence. 28.8% have no opinion.

  • Among pan-blue supporters and undecided voters 57% think President Ma Ying-jeou is leading Taiwan toward unification.

  1. 59.1% oppose President Ma Ying-jeou also being the KMT party chairman. 25% favor this development.

  • Of the swing voters, 55% oppose Ma concurrently being chair and president. 19% favor this proposition. Even pan-blue supporters have a higher percentage of opposing Ma’s Chairman position than agreeing (49%>44%).

  1. 53.7% are not satisfied with President Ma Ying-jeou's performance, with 39.4% satisfied. Of these, 88% of the pan-green supporters and 56% of the swing voters are not satisfied with the performance of President Ma Ying-jeou. 70% of pan-blue supporters are satisfied, 28% were dissatisfied.