Press statement of the 10th meeting of the DPP Central Executive Committee

Press statement of the 10th meeting of the DPP Central Executive Committee

June 3

The 13th session of the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) Central Executive Committee held its 10th meeting on June 3. The party was honored to welcome guest speaker Dr. Dong Wen-li, associate professor, Department of Public Safety, Central Police University to speak on "the 20th Anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Protest: the Development of China’s Human Rights and Democracy, and Taiwan’s Democratic Challenge." Kaoshiung Mayor Chen Chu'salso reported on her trip to China in the meeting.

Concerning the question of DPP officials visiting China, after a full discussion at today's meeting, Chairperson Dr. Tsai Ing-wen instructed the China Affairs Working Group to clarify the party's basic position on this issue before bring forth the ‘Notes for DPP Party Public Officials Visiting China’. She stated that if any important party official were invited to visit China during this period of time, he/she must notify and should consult with the party headquarters whether to accept this invitation or not.

Regarding her visit to China, Kaoshiung Mayor Chen Chu stated that her trip to China this time is very clear. Being the host of the World Games, Kaoshiung must fulfill its obligations and responsibilities to promote the World Games. “Thus, we have stood firmly on the principle of equal participation,” she noted, “we did not use the Taiwan Compatriot Entry Permit to enter China and all of the scheduled events are open and transparent, which is consistent with the DPP's position”.

Regarding the resolutions proposed by the DPP Party Caucus concerning 1989 Tiananmen Protest and supporting Aung San Suu Kyi which have been blocked by the KMT party caucus for a month, DPP Spokesperson Cheng Wen-tsang questioned the KMT whether the KMT is afraid of China or tries to appease China? President Ma yearly used to speak out about the Tiananmen abuses. However, now that he is President he has turned mute. This is a moral position of retreat and weakness.

In the case of For the resolution on Burma, the KMT used opposition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a reason to freeze discussion. Spoksperson Cheng expressed indignation by asking whether Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now subjected to the command of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While the entire world asks for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma military junta, the KMT remains is too cowardly to take a stand and uses all manner of excuses to freeze the motion.. The DPP deeply regrets this action by the KMT.

The CSC also passed the nominee for the 2nd and 3rd Districts of Chunghwa County, Nantou County and Chiayi County County. As for the 2009 county and town election candidates have been decided by headquarters: Li Qian Pin for Lujhou City, Taipei County, Jolene Wang for Yingge Town, H uang Sheng Lu for Hsichou Town, Changhua County, and Li-Yin Hsu for Makung City, Penghu County. The candidates for all other counties and towns will be decided by local party executive committees, which will select candidates through election procedure or by appointed.