Press statement of the 37th meeting of the DPP Central Standing Committee

Press statement of the 37th meeting of the DPP Central Standing Committee

June 17, 2009

Today (6/17), the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) held the 37th meeting of its 13th Central Standing Committee (中常會).

Regarding to DPP's China policy, the chairman of the DPP China Affairs Working Group, Chung-Hsin Chen(陳忠信), said that from the party constitution, the party platform and the more recent “Resolution on Taiwan’s Future", DPP shows it has a clear strategy in dealing with China with full consensus within the party. DPP Spokesperson Cheng Wen-Tsan (鄭文燦) further mentioned that the party will consult different opinions within the party and workshops would be held if it’s necessary. In the mean time, wide range of topics has been discussed in by the China Affairs Working Group weekly meeting, with participating members from very diverse backgrounds. Dr. Tsai also encourages the young generation within the party to actively participate in the discussion.

Regarding the “Notes for DPP Party Public Officials Visiting China”, Chen Chung-Hsin expresses that these notes are meant to be a management mechanism, and are neither explicit encouragement nor do they prohibit exchanges between officials. Even if such precautionary notes weren’t established, officials would still follow the guidelines established by the party. Cheng further pointed out that Dr. Tsai has expressed her opinion on this issue and that DPP Headquarters has already sent out memos to party public officials indicating that any visitation trips made in a public capacity should be reported to the Headquarters, where the China Affairs Working Group will determine, on a case by case basis, whether or not there is political manipulation and motivation. This mechanism must be utilized.

Also, in responding to the proposal proposed by the CSC member Wang Hsin-Nan (王幸男) regarding the establishment of a judicial service team aimed at providing free legal assistance for those who have undergone violations of their legal and civil right to street-protest, Spokesperson Cheng said that Party Headquarters has already established such a team, and will be providing citizens and party officials with the necessary legal assistance.

Regarding the Ma government’s plan to restore the name “Chiang –Kai-shek Memorial Hall” to what is currently known as “Liberty Square” – a move tantamount to the restoration of an authoritarian regime, Wang Hsin-Nan has further proposed that on the same day, at the same place, DPP should host a “First annual prayer ceremony for the heroic souls who died during the 228 Massacre and White Terror Period.” In response, Dr. Tsai stated that DPP will plan an adequate activity.

Additionally, on the subject of the by-election of the Chang-Hwa Council Chairperson, the Central Standing Committee has appointed CSC members Fang Sheng Mao and Tsai Shieng Hao to supervise the DPP caucus in Chang-Hwa Council with requesting that the DPP Chang-Hwa councilors will decide and vote uniformly.