DPP Poll on New Taipei MRT Neihu Line

DPP Poll on New Taipei MRT Neihu Line

The new Taipei MRA Neihu MRT Line, which was claimed by President Ma Ying-Jeou as the best project he's accomplished during his tenure as Taipei city Mayor, has suffered repeated glitches since its opening in early July.

According to the DPP Poll on July 24, 55.8% thought it was a wrong choice made by Taipei City Government to adopt medium-capacity system in the MRT Neihu Line, whilst 25.3% believe it is appropriate. Regardless of partisan siding, the majority of the people thought it is an ‘inappropriate’ decision.

In regards to the frequent glitches caused by the Neihu MRT Line, 45.8% thought that the problems must have been caused by human-error and mismanagement, 38.9% thought that the problems were inevitable for a new system that has just started to operate. 72% of the pan-green supporters and 49.5% swing voters thought the problems were human-error and mismanagement.

In regards to Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-Bin's recent statement that “problems on the Neihu MRT Line had nothing to do with President Ma Ying-Jeou”, 66.5% of respondants dismissed his remarks, whilst 22.5% agreed with it. Regardless the political preference, more than 50% of respondents disagree with Hau’s statement.

Regarding the promise made by Taipei City Government and Bombardier Inc. that by November 2009 the Neihu MRT Line will have 99% stability”, 50.7% were not confident about the promise, 39.9% were. 77.5% pan-green supporters and 53.1% swing voters said they don’t have confidence in this promise.

Additionally, 57.1% were not satisfied with the way Taipei City government managed with the Neihu MRT Line disruptions, whilst 29.8% were satisfied. 85.5% pan-green supporters and 64.5% swing voters responded “dissatisfied”.

Regarding the performance of Taipei City mayor Hau Lung-bin , 50.7% were dissatisfied and 40.0% were satisfied.