DPP statement concerning the sentencing of Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo

In regards to China's recent sentencing of Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo, the DPP makes the following statement:

We believe that democracy, freedom and human rights are universal values that the government cannot infringe on. We also believe that Liu Xiaobo, in starting the Charter 08 Movement, was an appeal for China to implement human rights, initiate political reform, and practice constitutional democracy, and this represent his basic rights to freedom of expression. Therefore, we believe that Liu Xiaobo's arrest and detention by the Chinese government was improper, and even more, we don't think that using the groundless charge of "incitement to subvert state power" justified the 11-year sentence that Liu received. We make an appeal to China to respect the fundamental rights of its citizens and immediately release Liu.

We must also emphasize that since Liu's arrest, statements condemning China's actions have been issued by the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, but our government has been silent on this issue, turning a blind eye to China's suppression of human rights. Furthermore, President Ma Ying-jeou has publicly praised China's improvement on human rights and democracy during this year's June 4th commemoration, which not only appeared that Taiwan was conspiring with the Chinese government to suppress democracy activists, but it was also sending the wrong message to the world that Taiwan supports China's clamping on democracy, causing great damage to Taiwan's international image.

We strongly believe that democracy, freedom and human rights are Taiwan's most important assets, and these values are ones in which the world respects us for. We believe that in promoting cross strait relations, the Ma administration should utilize its advantages and support China's democratization process, converting democracy and human rights as the common language between both sides. Once again, we solemnly appeal our government to make a clear standpoint to the Chinese side and request for Liu's immediate release, taking concrete action in showing our support to China's democratic reform movement at the same time showing to the world that Taiwan has consistently taken a firm position concerning democracy and human rights.