DPP highlights goals, campaign theme at National Party Congress

On July 18, the DPP held the first National Party Congress of 2010 to elect the new members of the DPP’s Central Standing and Executive Committees, and also to launch the new theme for this year’s campaign.

The main highlight of this year’s National Party Congress was the presentation of the DPP’s platform for the upcoming Big-5 Elections.

Election candidates Tsai Ing-wen, Chen Chu, Su Tseng-chang, Su Chia-chuan and Lai Ching-teh all presented their election campaign themes. They also spoke of their policy initiatives to improve the conditions of the cities they are standing as candidates.

Additionally, the Congress passed unanimously a DPP declaration which pledges to uphold the DPP’s values, and to strive to push Taiwan towards prosperity.

The congress’ theme this year was “Happiness & Prosperity for the Next Generation”, a motif that will be used through to the elections. Representing the next generation, children of DPP supporters were invited to share the stage with the Big-5 election. candidates.