Acting DPP Chair Ker Chien-ming says to respect, highly confirm Former Vice President Annette Lu's decision

In regards to the announcement by Former Vice President Annette Lu on March 22 to drop out of the 2011 DPP Presidential Candidate Primary, Acting DPP Chair Ker Chien-ming said that this time’s decision by Former Vice President Lu will play a large influence on the primary. He said that he respected Former Vice President Lu’s decision and at the same time, he gave his highest confirmation. He also added that in regards to Vice President Lu’s decision to leave her post as Central Executive Committee member, he will exert all his efforts in persuading her to stay.

Acting Chair Ker said that during this period, Former Vice President Annette Lu gave much advice to the DPP. He said that the DPP will not hesitate in the future to ask for her counsel.

He also further praised Former Vice President Lu for her participation on the women’s movement and her contributions to Taiwan’s democracy, for which she paid a high price by being incarcerated. He said that he had no doubt that the people of Taiwan are all aware of her service to Taiwan.