DPP statement on Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's arrest

Concerning the Chinese government’s arrest and detention of artist Ai Weiwei, the DPP issues the following statement:

First, Ai Weiwei is a world renowned artist who has actively called for democratic reform. He was arrested and detained by the Chinese government on April 3, and has since remained missing. This incident, drawing a high degree of international concern, has prompted countries like the US, UK, Germany, France, the EU, and Australia to promptly issue statements of condemnation toward the Chinese government, demanding the immediate release of Ai Weiwei.

Second, democracy, freedom and human rights are universal values on which governments cannot infringe. The DPP expresses deep regret that although China has signed two international covenants on human rights, the Chinese government continues to carry out improper arrests, suppressing democracy activists and failing to commit to the protection of human rights. The DPP calls on China to respond to the demands by the rest of the world and immediately release Ai Weiwei.

Third, democracy, freedom and human rights are Taiwan’s important assets praised by the international community. We strongly demand that the pursuit of cross strait exchanges by the Ma administration must not come at the cost of tolerating the suppression of democracy in China. The DPP urges the Ma Administration to include human rights on the agenda of cross-strait exchanges, and to insert human rights provisions into agreements signed with China, in order to put Taiwan’s experience in democratic development into good use and support China’s democratization process.

Fourth, we reiterate our demand that the Ma Administration take concrete actions in showing support to Chinese democracy activists and to show the world that Taiwan continuously values democracy, freedom and human rights. The DPP will continue to express concern toward China’s democratization and will take an active role in engaging dialogue with China’s democracy activists, at the same time supporting the deepening of Taiwan’s democracy and encouraging China to take a more democratic path.