DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen officially endorsed as presidential candidate

The DPP officially endorsed Chair Tsai Ing-wen as the presidential candidate for the DPP in 2012. The ceremony took place at the party headquarters on May 4.

Below is DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen’s statement:

“The past primary process was a meaningful democratic ritual, and the visions, as well as the demeanor, of Former Premier Su and Former Chair Hsu, gave me a reminder that I must forever remain modest and embrace my ideals. I sincerely thank the people for their trust and for the entire party for their support. Becoming the presidential candidate for the DPP is for me not just an honor, but also a responsibility.

“Facing the country’s biggest challenges ahead and with the people eagerly awaiting, I vow to exert all my efforts in gaining victory so to embark on a new start for Taiwan. I also appeal to my contenders and all the team behind the campaign battle to collectively enter a contest that fulfills the spirit of democracy and adhere to rationality so we can restore the public’s faith in democratic politics.

“The 2012 elections will neither be a confrontation between the DPP and the KMT nor a competition between Tsai Ing-wen and Ma Ying-jeou. This election will represent restoring Taiwan’s national value and motivating the power of the next generation. By pursuing a victory for this election, we are opening a new era. Thus, I fully expect that we not only win, but we, during this process, accumulate the energy for reform. And at last in governance, we will bring Taiwan to the correct path.”