Where Ma was mistaken and why 6-3-3 is an unrealistic promise

In the recent televised 2012 Presidential Candidate Debate, Ma argued that the failed 6-3-3 plan was proposed simultaneously with the "12 Constructions for a Better Taiwan", and therefore was planned to be achieved in eight years contrary to the four years Ma had promised in 2008.

“I am willing to apologize once again, there is still plenty of room for improvement,” Ma responded when questioned about not being able to achieve the 6-3-3 economic goal. The 6-3-3 economic goal represents Ma’s promise to achieve an average of 6% GDP growth rate, $30,000 USD per capita income by 2016 ($20,000 USD by 2011), and 3% unemployment rate within his first term.

DPP spokesperson Chen Chi-mai criticized Ma’s lack of credibility since Ma had repeatedly promised the people that he would achieve 6-3-3 in four years, and finally apologizing during the debate yet he did not feel accountable for not achieving the targets he set out to accomplish once elected. Furthermore, Chen accused Ma of attempting to deceive his way to another four years in the government. He also pointed out that in order to achieve 6-3-3, Taiwan must average 9% GDP growth rate annually for next four years in order to fulfill his unrealistic promise.

Where Ma was mistaken and why 6-3-3 is an unrealistic promise:

  • Three years since Ma took office, per capita income has not surpassed $20,000 USD.
  • In order to reach $30,000 USD per capita income by 2016, Taiwan must maintain an annual salary increase of 10.3% or above.
  • To reach the promised 6% average growth rate, Taiwan must average 8.5% GDP growth rate in the next 4 years amid global sovereign debt crisis.
  • The Council for Economic Planning has already announced that Taiwan would have trouble maintaining 4% GDP growth rate next year, therefore, making 6-3-3 even more farfetched.

The DPP spokesperson further reiterated that if the president cannot fulfill his promise, then he should step down because what the people need right now is a president that can be held accountable.

Moreover, Ma has also stated that “KMT is more proficient at handling the economy”, which Chen pointed out to be false.

How “KMT is more proficient at handling the economy” is a false belief:
  • DPP’s last year in government, 2007, Taiwan achieved a 5.98% GDP growth rate whereas Ma administration’s expected growth rate for next year is 4.51%.
  • DPP’s eight years as the ruling party yielded a 4.49% average GDP growth rate compared with Ma administration’s 3.24%.
  • The average unemployment rate when DPP was in office was 4.30% while the Ma administration’s average unemployment rate is 5.05%.
  • An average real earnings produced by the DPP in eight years was 35,876 NT in comparison with the Ma administration’s 34,326 NT.

All numbers seem to imply President Ma’s claim that KMT is better at handling the economy is a false belief.