Tsai Ing-wen's Concession Speech January 14, 2012

DPP Presidential Candidate and Chair Tsai Ing-wen’s Concession Speech:
“The DPP's Transformation and Reform will not Stop, My Heart will Always Remain with the Taiwanese People”

Thank you everyone for being here, especially in this rain. I would like to say thank you! Thank you everyone!

For our friends who are present here today, for those watching on their television sets and the Internet, good evening!

We concede and accept the decision made by the Taiwanese people. I know that many of our supporters feel heartbroken as they listen to me say this.  However I would like to congratulate President Ma, and I hope that in the next four years, he listens to the voices of the people, governs with diligence, caring equally for every citizen, and absolutely not disappoint the people’s expectations.

I understand what the people are thinking at the moment. I believe that many people expected a victory today, but, although the reality was not to our satisfaction, I would like to encourage our supporters to be strong. We will continue to be strong and we will even be stronger than anyone else. We are the DPP, and when we faced our darkest times, we didn’t falter. We did not falter in the past, and we won't now.

I ask you to recall the despair of four years ago. When we wanted to climb the highest mountain, but we feared that it would be unattainable. However, we clenched our teeth and forged ahead with party unity. In these four years, step-by-step, we moved forward. This time, we just came up short of reaching the peak.

Even though these results are regrettable, we counted on the faith placed by the people in the little piggies fundraising campaign, which established the roots of a new political model, and also counted on our policy proposals for the future development of Taiwan, our key strength in this campaign.

What is most important is our power of unity, a force that cannot be ignored, one that will neither collapse nor disappear.

Please do not worry or feel despair. Taiwan cannot afford to be without an opposition voice or be without checks and balances. Even though we will not be able to achieve our ideals from a governing role in the next four years, this does not mean that the opposition will have no power.

I believe that as long as you continue to stand behind us, giving us your support and encouragement, we will have a future and will climb at last to the top of the mountain.

As party chair, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for your support of our legislative candidates allowing us to increase the number of DPP seats in the legislature. In the future, they will speak for the people in the Legislative Yuan, placing the people’s hardships in their hearts, exerting all their efforts to raise the quality of public policy and striving to provide adequate care for the people.

The reform and transformation of the DPP will not cease. We will continue to stand by the people, especially those that are disadvantaged in our society. We will continue to stand by our policy ideals, and we will continue to insist on disassociating ourselves from corporate money and rely on small-sum donations. We will continue to forge ahead, believing that one day, we will gain the trust of the majority.

Even though we gave our all in attempting to achieve our ideals, this road will take longer than expected. We can do better in the future. Facing the results of this election, the DPP will consciously carry out self-examination and continue to remain alert.

For this election result, I take full responsibility. Just a few moments ago, I announced that I will resign my position as chair of the Democratic Progressive Party. I have faith that the next chair will continue leading the DPP towards reform and transformation, will continue our forward momentum.

I personally wish to thank all of you for accompanying me on our common journey.  It has been a beautiful four years as we fought side by side. In my heart, you are not only the people who voted for me, but you are also my best companions.

Tonight, I understand that everyone must have feelings of sorrow, and if you really do feel that way, let these feelings come out. You can cry, but do not feel discouraged. You can feel sorrow, but never give up because tomorrow we must be brave just like we have been in the last four years, and fill our hearts with hope. Because we also must bravely, responsibly fight for our country and we must continue to positively fight for our Taiwan. No matter the position we hold, we must continue to love and cherish this country of ours.

To all the dear people of Taiwan: one day we will come back and we will not give up. On this day of 2012, those who supported me and the DPP should feel proud. Let us keep our heads up and continue to walk bravely forward with strong steps.

Thank you! My heart will always stand with the people of Taiwan.