Chen Chu appeals party members to vote tomorrow Sunday (May 27th)

The DPP will hold elections for the next DPP Chair tomorrow Sunday, May 27. Also tomorrow, the DPP will conduct elections for chairs of each DPP branch nationwide. The election results will be announced on the same day in the evening.

Only DPP members whose membership fees are up to date are allowed to vote in these elections.

Acting Chair Chen Chu has issued a statement appealing to all party members to vote tomorrow Sunday so they can participate in this democratic process and witness a new historical page for the DPP.

DPP Spokesperson Lin Chun-hsian told the press that Acting Chair Chen Chu and Secretary General Su Jia-Chyuan have ensured that the preparations for these elections have gone smoothly. They also have given their gratitude to all party staff from all DPP branches for the hard work in the process.

Spokesperson Lin said Acting Chair Chen specially gave thanks to all the candidates for showing a democratic spirit and for proposing many suggestions for the development of Taiwan and the party.